What We Do


We have adapted our own Decisive, Interactive, Stability and Cautiousness (DISC) training model to ensure sufficient focus is given to getting your catering department, Masters and Ship Management Team (SMT) compliant to current regulations.

MCS implements and sets clear, concise policies on safety, pollution, HACCP, catering standards, health, hygiene and risk assessment, and sets the highest marine industry standards on-board client vessels.

Cost, Stock & Waste Efficiency
Preventing over-ordering, eliminating wastage of food products and ensuring reasonable costs and high quality provisions for vessels, both in port and under way.

Record Keeping
MCS demonstrates the necessity of precise record keeping and responsibility for inventory planning and stock control by cooks, using the Marine Catering Services Victualling program.

Menu Planning & Cooking for Different Cultures
Cooks and stewards will receive an upgraded and improved solution to menu planning, cooking and how to cater for special dietary, ethnic and cultural taste. Overall catering standards are improved by introducing shore-trained professionals onto vessels to assess and teach all aspects of catering, health and hygiene.


Training school and courses

Marine Catering Services offers comprehensive culinary packages for all new staff, inclusive of refresher courses, over nine or 12 days in a very high standard, TESDA accredited, catering school in Manila, the Philippines.

The course takes an in-depth look at HACCP food safety management and development on-board; culinary preparation skills which eliminate waste by training staff in the use of a correct standard of menu and structure; butchery and preparation skills where staff are shown the correct cuts to use for each item on the menu, the culinary techniques and standards, which are taught each day until the course is completed; as well as the challenges of reducing overall kitchen waste, stock rotation and purchasing procedures.

Class-based learning enhanced by ongoing on-board visits from Henry Anderson or a member of his professional team. Course attendees receive additional on-board support to develop their classwork.

On completion of each course catering staff will be assessed on the standard of their work through an appraisal and development plan to work towards until their next on-board training session, in order to keep improving their culinary skills and knowledge.

Marine Catering Services not only teaches to a high culinary standard, it also ensures customer satisfaction with its:

  • Hotel and Housekeeping Standards
  • Safety & Risk Assessment
  • Health & Hygiene
  • HACCP and Catering Manual operational standards
  • Computer Based Hygiene Program
  • Hygiene Certification for all Catering Staff
  • Product storage with P/D and Use by Date Identification time periods
  • Staff Personal Hygiene
  • Galley Hygiene control
  • Use and advice given on food safe sanitisation
  • Correct Laundry Operation Skills
  • Correct standard of front of house service program